About Nigeria Business Disability Network

The Nigeria Business Disability Network (NBDN) is an employer-led platform which aims at: – fostering disability inclusion practices and policies in the workplace. – building the disability confidence of employers, and job readiness of people with disabilities.

Disability inclusion makes good business sense. We help create a disability smart business environment by helping employers see how and tap into the potential and capabilities that over 30 million Nigerians with disabilities could bring to increase business revenue, growth and enhance brand reputation.

Through the UK AID funded Inclusion Works project, Sightsavers is partnering with the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) to coordinate the establishment of the network in Nigeria. CIPM is the coordinating organisation for this network in Nigeria and shall represent it at the global forum.

Our Background

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) set up the Global Business and Disability Network (GBDN) for private sector employers to champion the mainstreaming of disability within the framework of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The principle and charter of this network is reinforcing the UN mantra agenda of leave no one behind, where people with disability have equal opportunity and employers can tap into the pool of skills these diverse groups bring to work.

NBDN is an off shoot of the global network and the national body of employers’ in Nigeria championing disability inclusion. The network was incubated by Sightsavers and the Chartered Institute of personnel Management in 2020.


An employer-led network championing the inclusion and benefit of people with disability in the workplace.


To technically support, raise awareness and exchange knowledge among private and public organisations on disability inclusion in the workplace

Our objectives

The objectives of the Nigeria business disability network are to:

  • Support private and public organisations to be disability inclusive both in practice and policy in Nigeria.
  • Create and lead a network of Organisations committed to promoting the value people with disability add to business.
  • Serve as a knowledge and resource Hub for disability inclusion in the workplace in Nigeria.
  • Strengthen awareness about, and drive compliance with the employment component in Nigerian Disability Act.
  • Facilitate disability advisory service like disability audit, disability policies etc. amongst organisations.
  • Conduct research on an as-needed basis for continuous improvement and relevance of disability inclusion in organisations.
  • Enhance employability of people with disabilities via training & development, coaching, mentoring and other efforts.
  • Showcase organisation members who are championing disability inclusion, their lessons and the benefit they derive from retaining employees with disabilities.


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