Our Chatter Principle

NBDN adopted the ILO GBDN ten (10) principles:

  • Respect and Promotion of Rights
    Promote and respect the rights of persons with disabilities by raising awareness and combatting stigma and stereotypes faced by persons with disabilities.
  • Non-discrimination
    Develop policies and practices that protect persons with disabilities from all types of discrimination.
  • Equality of Treatment and Opportunities
    Promote equal treatment and equal opportunities for persons with disabilities by providing reasonable accommodation in the recruitment process, on-the-job, apprenticeships, training, job retention, career development and other relevant terms and conditions of employment.
  • Accessibility¬†
    Progressively make the company premises, products and communication to staff accessible for all employees and customers with disabilities.
  • Job Retention
    Undertake appropriate measures to enable current employees who acquire a disability to retain or return to their employment.
  • Confidentiality
    Respect confidentiality of personal information regarding disability.
  • Attention to All Types of Disabilities
    Consider the needs of those persons with disabilities who face particular challenges accessing the labour market, including persons with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities.
  • Collaboration
    Promote employment and patronage of businesses of persons with disabilities among business partners and other companies and collaborate with national employer and business networks on disability as well as with organizations working to advance the rights of persons with disabilities.
  • Evaluation
    Review regularly the company disability inclusion policies and practices for their effectiveness.
  • Knowledge Sharing
    Report on company efforts to promote the employment of persons with disabilities to all relevant stakeholders and share information and experiences with the members of the network. With permission, the NBDN will utilize the company reports and practices in its own communication, wherever relevant.